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Hi Mrs Matthews, I am writing this email to you on behalf of myself and all my fellow friends and peers in both IH and Science Fair. We have talked about this, and decided to ask from you a huge favor. Since Thanksgiving Break, we have had no time at all for anything except Science Fair. Ever since that break started, we have been working on perfecting our project and presentations nonstop. Anyone you ask will tell you that many of us have not had a good night's sleep of at least 7-8 hours since mid November. We have not even had time to do our own NIGHTLY homework, which we have been cramming in Study Hall. So needless to say, we have not even had time to THINK about this Speech Assignment. We would like to request of you that just for those of us kids in Science Fair that you extend the due date of the speech to Wednesday or Thursday. This would give us time to recuperate, get our thoughts together, and put together a good speech rather than throw a bunch of words together in one weekend and hope for the best, as many of us see as the only option right now. Some of us are really excited for the opportunity to write and present our own speech, but we simply do not have any time. 99% of the students who participated in Science Fair did not finish their final touches until Thursday night, and EVERYONE that I have talked to is only starting their speeches today. There are not many of us in Science Fair, so if you grant this request, we will be able to get the word out to everyone who is in Science Fair and IH English by the end of the day, so communication is no a problem. We have a Facebook group for Science Fair kids and IH English kids so it will be simple enough to get the word out. I hope you understand out plea, and we all hope that you can empathize with us about this one situation. Thank you so much, *your name*




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