South African Goverment and its lack of social security for South African citizens

Luiza Mabaso
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The South African Government has ignored it people’s needs since 1994.

The typical black South African lives in squalor and has no social security. The South African Government has allowed an influx of foreign immigrants that take South African jobs and strain the already failing health system

The South African government does not care about black and white South Africans.

They fail to explain why affirmative action is going on for longer than the 12 year period that was stated  it would go on for.

Yet the South African government  will allow immigrants from there African continents to get jobs before white south Africans  and some black south Africans.

The government fails to explain why there is a huge number of immigrants that live in squalor in country while every day tax paying South Africans live in fear for their lives in our country  while, while black and white  south Africans have not received  what they voted for.

As a  black female South African and single mother I go into panic every night wondering what shall become of me and my son.

Illegal foreigners sell drugs to school children who are as old as my son.

The South African government has failed us, they are selling our citizenship to other African illegal Immigrants and those people take jobs that would namely go to white South Africa, and affirmative is still in place benefiting illegal African immigrants while white south Africa tries to survive.

We want answers, I think this point we can safely say that will 100,000 signatures we can go to human rights commission and get someone the United nations to look into the happenings in South Africa.

We need our white country men, more than we need illegal immigrants








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    Luiza Mabaso South Africa
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