Souls to fuel blasphemous Cheese Blimp

Jemma Hayfield
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Saint Cerberus believes that by people giving their souls to her in act of complete idiocy and spontaneity she will be able generate enough energy to float away to Valhalla in a giant, inflatable cheese, stunning Theists world over with a spectacle farcical enough to deny the existence of god beyond all shadow of a doubt. By signing this petition you agree to give away your soul to Saint Cerberus, A perverted and irresponsible young girl who will almost definitely do something terrible, vulgar and uncouth with it. For the sake of science. And eternal feasting. And a cheese blimp.


For more information on the wereabouts of your soul and on our sponser Saint Cerberus, please follow the link below. All questions relating to cheese blimp maintainence will be responded to.





  • 8 years ago
    yachi United Kingdom
    8 years ago