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We are against the Sonic 1 on Sonic 4 release petition

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Years after Sonic 3's release, Sega have been doing all they can to bring Sonic to the best of his abilities with ever advancing hardware. Sonic has had some ups and downs... but the real fault is the fans! That is correct... The Sonic FANS!!! I am a Sonic fan, and yes I have been there to see Sonic 1, and Sonic's glory of the genesis days... So you cannot tell me that this is for nothing. My petition is going against the "Will buy Sonic 1 on Sonic 4 release" petition.. It is immature and it is not necessary. Sega has literally been trying their hardest to please you "dummies" known as the Sonic fans... The best thing you guys can do is leave Sega to their work and back away. Sure it will be nice to see a 2D HD remake of Sonic 1 or even Sonic 2, but that is NOT what Sega is doing.... its even your faults that they are rushing to unveil Sonic 4 to you guys anyways. Its because they care. And So they make the game and your basically stomping them in the ground.. Every Sonic fan that signed that petition should be ashamed of themselves. Half of you don't even know what it takes to make a Sonic game.. all they are doing is building off of what they already know about Sonic. I witness this bull crap controversy with every Sonic game that they release.. When they make a 3D game the fans want another Sonic Adventure.... when they want a 2D game, they want a Sonic 1 remake... ever wonder what would happen when they do that? Things fade over time, if they decide to re-do what they did in the past, it will get stale faster than the blue blur himself. Which brings me to another point, his speed... For those who remember Sonic the hedgehog for who he really is, Sonic is supposed to be the fastest thing alive... Not Shadow, Not Silver... not any other character that was created. So they made Sonic Unleashed a game to put emphasis on Sonic's speed.. During the day time sections Sonic is showing the best display of his speed. Half of those idiot Sonic fans couldn't even keep up and complain that he's too fast.... You wanted a game to show how fast he is.. and Sega did it.. Another point I'd like to get out is voice actors. Does it really matter? Face it! Ryan Drummond isn't coming back. Jason Griffith is a pretty good voice actor I find. The only real reason behind Sega's sudden actor change was because the old voice of Dr. Eggman (Or Robotnik), Deem Bristow had passed away in 2005. Sega currently had a Television Series going on known as Sonic X and they decided to use that to their advantage, and replace the whole cast. Get over it people! I do not care if anybody signs this one.. I'm not out for competition or to start riots, I'm just finding a way to prove that this is uncalled for and it is redundant. Now I see why people dislike us Sonic Fans... I am not being Bias in anyway and neither should the guy who wrote the other petition. He or She wrote it based off of what they saw on a leaked video... Why the hell are people leaking videos anyways. I do not trust anything Sonic related if Sega didn't produce it. What the people saw was probably an early tech beta that was testing some things out, surely they have alot of bugs to fix but if you guys keep complaining you are only asking for another Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.. Is that what you guys want? Another Sonic 2006? So In conclusion, Sonic fans are the real cause of Sonic's inevitable demise and Sega is trying as hard as they can to make things right. All the fans are doing is slapping Sega in the face after they come up with very creative ideas. LEAVE SEGA AND SONIC ALONE AND GO PLAY SONIC 1... If you want that gameplay again, just go and play Sonic 1.


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