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Solaire in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

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This is for those interested in adding the almighty, glorious, incandescent, and jolly cooperator Solaire to Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale by Superbot Entertainment for the Playstation 3. Solaire is an interesting character and he and his game are full of plentiful of moves to use for his attacks and his supers. Here is a sample moveset by T_I_M_B_O (Superbot can change things but this is to show a sample moveset that is true to Solaire and the game): Intros: 1. "Praise the sun!" gesture. 2. Solaire is seen sitting at a bonfire with his sword stuck in the ground. He stands up, pulls out his sword, and readies for combat. 3. Solaire is seen dismissing a Gold Phantom before realizing a fight is about to take place. Outros: Wins: 1. Solaire uses humanity to kindle a bonfire before casually sitting down. 2. Solaire sticks his sword in the ground and begins to flip a sunlight medal in his hands. 3. Solaire picks up a large soul and consumes it. Loss: 1. Solaire drops to one knee in disappointment. 2. Solaire lies on the ground with a Chaos Bug attatched to his head, symbolizing him going hollow 3. Solaire fades, leaving a glowing loot bag on the ground. Taunts: 1. Praise The Sun! Gesture. 2. Well! What is it? Gesture. 3. Proper Bow Gesture Alts: (Palette swaps are different Phantom colors. Red, White, and Blue) 1. Ornstein Armor 2. Lord of Cinder Armor Square Attacks: Sword and Shield Neutral: Standard 4 hit sword combo. Side: Solaire performs a lunging stab. Up: Solaire swings his sword upwards in a large arc,. Down: Parry + Riposte. Solaire readies his shield. If stuck, he bats away the enemies attack with his shield, then stabs them with his sword. Triangle Attacks: Items Neutral: Gold Pine Resin. Solaire rubs Gold Pine Resin on his sword, which lasts for 20 seconds. While active, Gold Pine Resin gives a 5 AP boost to every square attack that lands. Side: Black Firebomb. Solaire chucks a Black Firebomb forward, which explodes on impact. Up: Bonfire + Homeward Bone. Solaire can set a bonfire anywhere on the level, then when this move is activated, Solaire consumes a Homeward Bone, which returns him to the bonfire's location. Down: Dung Pie. Solaire throws a dung pie to the ground beneath his feet. Enemies in the immediate area are hit, giving Solaire AP and also poisoning the enemies. Circle Attacks: Miracles Neutral: Great Lightning Spear. Solaire conjures and throws a great lightning spear forward. Can be aimed. Side: Emit Force. Solaire creates a ball of force energy and projects it forward. Up: Tranquil Walk of Peace. A small radius miracle is cast that limits opponents abilities for a short time. (Think Drake's Tranq gun) Down: Replenishment. Solaire casts a healing miracle on himself, which causes him to slowly generate AP until struck. AP gain starts at 1 AP per 3 seconds, then if he is not hit in 60 seconds, it jumps to 5 AP per 3 seconds. Supers Level 1: Sunlight Spear. Solaire summons a sunlight spear and hurls it forward, killing those in its path. Distance is about 1.3 times as much as Ratchet's RYNO. Level 2: Wrath of God. Solaire uses his Talisman to emit a large shockwave out from him, killing those hit. Radius is comparable to Evil Cole's level 2. Level 3: Solaire transforms into his Gold Phantom. In this mode he can freely throw Sunlight Spears (with increased throw distance) and use Wrath of God (with increased radius). He has increased movement speed while in this mode. Praise the Sun!

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