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Mohamad Sokrat is a Moroccan Blogger, Atheist and Anarchist. He has long criticized the king of Morocco for enslaving people in the name of ALLAH and make them bow to him. King Mohammed Stole, embezzled, tortured, killed and mass falsely arrested anyone and everyone who got in his way. This kid is facing some serious charges for Morocco's intolerance to other ideas or belief systems. He was arraigned Thu June 7th and tried Thu June 14. He was found guilty based strictly on a coerced confession typed up by the police which was forced to sign under the threat that they were gonna bring in his brother and father in for the same "charge" and his illiterate mom would be on the street for the absence of her husband and children who provide for her. His sentence was pronounced later that day of 2 years in prison and a fine of $5000. His team of 20 volunteer lawyers so far was harshly mistreated in court. One of them was asked to remain silent and took the floor from him the second one was being interrupted by the judge every time he spoke about the religious persecution his client is a victim of, they kept telling him to just talk about the non-existing hasheesh. Furthermore, when the defense team asked to see the ONLY piece of evidence the commonwealth has "the so-called" hasheeh, the prosecution couldn't fulfill their request. Basically, the only "EVIDENCE" the prosecution has is a coerced confession made under threats and that's all they want to go on. The defense team had dozens of character witnesses, other bloggers, close friends of his, his family etc to take the stand. Even he ws only given 5 minutes to speak for himself and was shut down before the 5 minutes were over. This is AT THE VERY LEAST, a gross miscarriage of justice. False arrest, false charges against the one of very few (who left the country for fear of their lives and sought asylum elsewhere) who made their atheism known, and invited debates, and others to discuss and debate. He has become a danger to a county which enslaves its people in the name of Islam and uses religion to continue to grab hold of their 60% illiterate populace. Something young Sokrat saw right through and spoke about it publicly poking holes on the whole notion of having the king as the supreme head of the "church" so to speak. My friends and family, this is a test especially for my Muslim friends. Two months ago, Iran sentences a young man to die because he was a blogger and expressed great criticism to the way the country is ran, and made his sympathy to Sunna known in a Shia country. The majority Shiii in Bahrein is being slaughtered by the hundreds by the minority governing Shiaa and the world is doing NOTHING. Well here's your chance to do something!!! What is needed of you? A small letter of support to MOHAMED SOKRAT, and condemning the Moroccan government for his shameful tactics. It doesn't have to be big; a paragraph or two will suffice. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER PLEASE. and if you have the capacity, make a cool sign within the lines of FREE SOKRAT, or JUSTICE FOR SOKRAT, or STOP RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION etc .. Your contribution WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Please also sign this petition and share it as much as you can!

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