Community Support for Sofara International Charter School

Voyka Soto
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Dear Community,

Our Vision is to open a wall-to-wall International Baccalaureate school that would serve children from K through 6th grades in the Harlem community beginning with K-2 when the doors open. Our mission is to produce internationally-minded and globally competitive ambassadors that can thrive in a variety of settings. Our dual language program of choice is French (adding enrichment languages as we grow such as Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. Our application will be submitted to the SUNY Charter School Institute for authorization to open our doors in the Fall of 2018.

Please participate in the opening of Sofara International Charter School by signing our community petition of support. You may leave feedback on our proposal in the comments box even if you choose not to support our proposal. For more information about the school, to add comments, or to ask questions, please visit or email us at

The Sofara Enrollment and Feedback survey can be found at


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