Social Networking sites, Google+, Facebook please improve your search features so we may be better able to find time travelers

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As we learn more about the universe and as science and technology brings imagination and magic closer to reality things we thought impossible suddenly become possible. How about time travel? Is it possible?A group of scientists recently tried to using networking site to find anachronistic elements in photos and status updates however it seems the search capability of networking sites is very poor. Which is why I have created this petition.

We ask Google+, Facebook as well as any other social media networking sites to improve or add search features in order to make it possible to find time travelers (if they do exist) that are using your services. We simply require the ability to search by time and to accurately search for posts , photos, status updates , notes , and any other apps or features you provide when they were added and when they were removed or any other changes or edits. We also require accurate timestamps that can't be changed or back or forward dated or tainted with.

Thank you,
The undersigned



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