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Todd Johnson
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By signing this petition I hereby support the removal of Kevin and Whitney Hasse as coaches of the U13G Wolverines Challege team.

The reason for this request is because of the widespread opinion amongst the parents of our players, and more importantly the players themselves, that the coaching is below the standard of what should be reasonably expected at the U13 challenge level.

Pre-game pep talks are uninspiring.

Post-game debriefings tend to focus on blame. Girls have been brought to tears after a loss not because of the loss itself, but because of demeaning comments.

There does not seem to be much, if any, strategic soccer being taught either offensively or defensively.

The coaches are not open to parental input or suggestions.   Comments are rebuffed in a defensive manner.

Profanity has been uttered when we have been scored upon.

The coaches are often late to practices and games, despite the fact that they live closer to the field than the majority of the players.

The bottom line is this:  There is little point in debating the qualifications or effectiveness of the coaches. Rightly or wrongly so, there is a perception that these coaches are detrimental to the health of this team, and the development of the players, and therefore a coaching change would be prudent.

If CASL would like to appoint a new coaching staff we would accept that. Alternatively, a consortium of the current parents will collectively assume coaching responsibilities.





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