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To whom it may concern; RE: Professor Suzy Casimiro SOC100H5 FINAL EXAMINATION I am writing in regards to the SOC100 Final Examination, which took place on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 9:00am. Prior to the examination, I had spoken together with many other students to Professor Casimiro in concerns of the Final Examination. Professor Casimiro had stated that the Final Examination would have 120 Multiple Choice, as well as True and False questions – based fully on the textbook context, readings and lectures. Yes, I must agree, the Final Examination did have ALMOST all of it’s context from the textbook and materials, except for questions such as: Who died the youngest? Shakespeare, or Mozart. What kind of a question is that?! Where did that even come from? Last time I checked, that wasn’t a Music Class, and we definitely did not learn when Mozart or Shakespeare was born or died. That is one mark off for a student who did not learn that Mozart had died at the age of 35. Another concern of mine were questions that had been based on politics, for example, which province holds the most seats in the senate. Well, if you are a politician, you will definitely know that it’s Quebec, but if you are a chemist, good luck with that – since this is nowhere to be found in the text, nor do I recall her saying anything about the senate. To be honest, for half hour, I have tried looking for the answer in the textbook, and I could not find it anywhere. Another strange question that I had found was, “US population is obese, how many children in the USA are obese?” On page 498, it clearly states ¼ for Canadian children, but it doesn’t say anything about US children. Where did that come from? I had read the page several times and I could not get it out of nowhere. Was this Exam some kind of a trick? Was it a bogus so we all guess on the answers and just pray that we get it right? We were definitely not tested on knowledge of sociology, but on knowledge of politics, music, and trick – which has nothing to do with sociology. I have taken the time off from personal responsibilities to see Professor Casimiro during her office hours, yet, last minute she had changed her hours to the subsequent day – a day which I could not make it to school to see her, as I already had plans made prior. I was rather disappointed after leaving the classroom, as I couldn’t even see Professor Casimiro, who did not even attend the Examination herself. Knowing that the Professor had lowered my mark for the second test by 21.5%, I don’t even know how well I will finish the course, after this exam – since it was a trait to me. Since, the Examination is worth 40% of the grade, and if we do end up with a low average, will there be a possibility of a Bell Curve? 1000 students can not afford to re-take the course and pay $600 extra to take it again.

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