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Smith County Injustices

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Smith County needs to start following the same laws they wish us to abide by. They need to stop this win at all cost mentality. We the citizens of Smith County Tx. need help in stopping theatrocities that are going on here.People talk about what's going onin Ferguson & with Travon Martin , but what about these 18, 19, & 20 year old kids getting40, 50, 60, 75, year Sentences yes and even life because these biased judges want to make an example out of them. Trumping charges on first time offenders just to get an enhancement from a second degree felony to a first degree felony to give them more time in prison. When you hire an attorney in Smith County instead of them working their cases to your best interest they tell you what the DA's office is going to do instead of telling you what they themselves are going to do. The DA's office granting other criminals immunity against prosecution for their testimony which is illegal according to case law already established by federal court.This is prosecutorial mis-conduct hiding evidence that would tend to exonerate defendants. Threatening witnesses with charges, to get them to testify their way. Now judges are suppose to be as referees in a sporting game not to determine the outcome of the game Case and point no bias for either defendant or prosecution, but here judges always seem to be biased for prosecution. Whenever prosecution object 90% of times it is sustained, but when defense objects it's over ruled.Now we are asking for an investigation into the wrong doing that is prevalent here. No more good old boy justice let's even the playing field. A judge by law is suppose to consider a persons character beforepronouncing a sentence, but again here your sentence is already pre-determined before you are even indicted.Bonds are set outrageously high. You got people having bonds set at $50,000 for mis-demeanor's, $750,000 for burglarythis has got to stop. The people here that has long and extensive criminal records always making trouble for the kids trying to do right they slap them on the wrist and put them right back on the streets as though they know they will be back. What's interesting to note is that the kids with no criminal background can't go anywhere without these bullies picking on them, and when they get fed up and retaliate they get life sentences while the bullies are still on the streets to mess up someone elses life. please help to put an end to these injustices.

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