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Musicians on campus need support in order to pursue their passions. Music takes time, dedication, passion. But these aren't the only things musicians need to create music. We need space, equipment, other musicians, and places to perform. There are a lot of elements that go into producing music, and the Stanford Music Collective wants to bring these things to the musicians on campus that deserve them.

What if musicians had the same support that Stanford gives to athletes?

1. Athletes don't have to pay $600+ per quarter for coaching like musicians do for music lessons.
2. Athletes get as much space as they need on campus to practice - musicians are constantly fighting for space.
3. Stanford actively promotes athletes and their events - musicians have to self promote all their shows.
4. Stanford provides athletes with all the equipment they need to perform - musicians have to get their own equipment.
5. Stanford athletes in the same sport are automatically connected to a network of people in their sport - Stanford musicians have no such network.

It's time for Stanford to start recognizing that musicians on campus are just as strong of a community as athletes and deserve the same support that Stanford gives to so many other groups. And even if the University won't support musicians, The Stanford Music Collective will. That's why we are petitioning Stanford's decision to reject our VSO application. If we are a student group, we will get access to some of Stanford's resources and we can use these to benefit student musicians. Stanford's decision to reject our application shows that the University doesn't support our cause and doesn't care about providing student musicians with the resources they need.

We want to show them that we care and that Stanford Music Collective is a necessary addition to Stanford. Help us support student musicians and sign this petition so we can show Stanford that musicians are a strong and resilient community, and we want support.

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