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The purpose of this petition is two fold, both are things that need be addressed in our rights as students of Saint Louis Christian College. This petition is born from the necessity that there is a growing habbit of closed doors and odd behavior that comes with commonality each time either one of these arises. 

The first proposition of this petition is the disclosure of all information to the student body regarding any website blocked for reasons other than clearly violating the code of conduct listed in the schools handbook. This is to allow students to know of the sites that are being blocked by the tech office and this information should be presented in a physical form to allow all students, even those who do not have the internet, to view it. 

The second proposition of this petition is that in the case of any website, found to be in the category of websites defined in the first proposition, that is going to be blocked and there are students on campus who are actively paying a subscription type fee to said website, that the tech office should present all students with a written letter and email to school email addresses informing them at least two weeks in advance of the website being blocked so that students will have time to cancel subscriptions to the website to prevent loss of money.

In signing this petition you are stating that you agree with the above propositions that the petition entails. You also agree to allow your name to be show to the academic leadership of Saint Louis Christian College as a part of the petition as a whole to show your support for this petition.





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