Debate the No Confidence Motion or Call Fresh Elections Now Mr. PM

Sheldon Pemberton
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We need a change in the way our country is governed. The people of St.Kitts and Nevis have been appealing to PM Douglas in many ways for the need of transparency, fairness, honesty. Instead, we get a push back by character assassination and the run around by the Douglas regime that's been propped up by non-elected parliamentarians who are brainwashed by the bombastic and dictatorial attitudes of one Dr. Denzil Douglas. The people of our nation has been served high cost of living, rising inflation, rising crime. The youths and elderly who are most vulnerable people of our community are impacted significantly in such an environment. We have poor health-care, out-of-control high electricity rates, massive violence that is affecting Tourism, our main industry income earner and the greatest of all; the land for debt swap disaster, this policy would have a major long term negative impact on sustainable economic development in St Kitts and Nevis. The real benefits of land and home ownership by our citizens are being deprived by a deal that would create higher land prices, well out of reach of the purchasing power of most nationals. Thus, the potential of major foreign ownership of our best lands based of location and agricultural output capacity. Therefore, we have to charter a new course, and establish new vision. One that is inclusive, comprehensive and progressive. Our people need to play a more active part in designing th future of their destiny and the lifestyle they would choose to live and nurture. More land access,better roads and health-care,lower electricity bills, affordable housing and more and better paying jobs. So we are appealing to every national to sign this petition as a way to send a very strong message to the Prime Minister Dr Douglas, that we need the opportunity to choose Our New Government and Our New Leaders who are ready to serve the people and are committed to solutions based strategies that would foster the development of a strong economic model for enhanced prosperity for WE, THE PEOPLE.


Sheldon A. Pemberton Social Activist, Banker, and Performance Coach





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