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Stop the Madness: Radio Slander and Stereotyping

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so please sign this. this is my story. and sadly im not exagerrating. i called this station and asked if they had tickets to see the show that was near me in hartford conn. on the 24. the guy was like yes we do! keep listening we\'ll do a contest soon. and i told him how i never would win them that way. he asked why i wanted to see them so badly and i started explaining and ended up in tears, im sure some of you could relate. i mean my mom, hates them with a passion and wouldnt let me buy tickets to their show or let me go alone but if i won tickets she\'d let me go unfortuneatly with her, but better than not going and they saved my life which i kinda explained to the guy, etc. he started being crazzy rude so i called him an ass hole, which he is and he told me i was a fucking little physco and he would make sure i didnt ever win anything at that station and hung up on me. i was already having a bad day and that kinda sent me over the edge and i prolly overreacted but nevertheless i called back when the dj\'s switched. i called back to see where i could file a complaint about the dj being rude. i was on hold for 45 minutes and started telling another dj about it. he asked what was up with me wanting to see this band so badly i told him that it was my only chance and i wanted to thank them for what they had done for me and i really needed to go see them. he told me he didn\'t think the band would support saving someones life. i tweaked on him and started yelling about how that\'s the band\'s purpose and he was like you know why that other dj called you a fucking little physco, because you are. you need mental help. and i was like excuse me he goes keep wearing your dark clothes and makeup and hating the world. i said excuse me you dont know me so dont say things like that. then i dont remember what but he said something really rude and i said i wish death on you and he said yeah well you\'ll die first anyways you\'re going to kill yourself. and i was pissed at this point and said yeah i prolly will and he said ok. good. bye. and hung up. wait i promise this story gets better. so my friend wrote him an email that said \"you motherfucker you are going to burn in hell for the shit you said to my friend. i am going to chop you to pieces while listening to my chemical romance. i am a satanist so watch your back.\" for the record she wouldnt do that she was just saying that. and she told him she was a satainist because hes not a very accepting person, the ignorant fuck. and she knew it would scare him. i ended up at the show. we wont go into details there...but i did. and it was amazing. no help the the station. anyways. after the concert this dj comes back on. and has this elaborate story about a crazy fan after the show. he said they put a death threat on his car and stuffed his tailpipes cause he messed up the words to helena, the note however was identical to the one my friend sent him in an email excpet he changed the for what you did to my friend to for messing up the words to helena. we noticed he made up the entire situation with the pictures and how it was in the parking garage. and there was no parking garage. we ened up getting in a fight with him over it and he said that gerard was a pansy because he liked men, he said that if a my chemical romance fan comes after you all you have to do is throw a razor blade in the other direction and they will go running after it like a dog, he told my friend that there was nothing she could do to save me i would eventually kill myself anyways. and he said that if his name was gerard he would be suicidal too. we want him taken off the air. please dont use vulgarities in the comments. it doesn\'t help the situation any. it would be greatly appreciated. [=

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