Skate 4

Albert Casarez
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My name is Albert I speak on behave of the Skate community. Ever since starting to play this game I fell in love with it. This game is the most enjoyable skateboarding game out there. EA truly has inspired people to try skateboarding. They have made a game that all people can enjoy and make people realize just how fun skateboarding can really be. 2 years after Skate 3's launch I hoped and preyed that there would be another installment into the Skate franchise but so far sadly there has not. Many people around the world love this game and together we know that one day EA will make it happened. There are many things that can be improved and introduced. Many ideas are out there on YouTube that people around the world have came up with. Sign this petition if you wanna push forth the making of Skate 4!


Rise Skating Machinima




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