Six Seasons and a Movie

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Greendale Community College is home to many people around the world. It has been a place of laughter, entertainment, happiness, sadness, hope, and prosperity. It has been a place where we can always enjoy ourselves, but sadly, things have taken a terrible turn. Our show, Community, has been cancelled by NBC. This means that we will no longer have our source of entertainment, nor will we ever get close to our promised six seasons and a movie.

Our goal here is to get this going. Details? Let me explain.

Through a bit of thought and sharing both with our friends that we meet in person, or those that we talk and chat with behind keyboards, we have come to a thought. Netflix, please be willing to take on Community as your own and help make the dreams of us viewers more than satisfied. We have longed for the end and we really want you to help make it happen.

My goal is to have as many people as possible to back me up on this, so we may one day be able to finish our wonderful and entertaining series!

Please help us out by signing up to show your support!



June 8
We are now live!




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