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We as a country have an obligation to keep our greatest assets safe from harm, and to have the education process be free of any intrusive, distracting issues, and threat to our young people. Simply IV Safety has a true deterrent with a product designed to do so.There have been many ideas brought to the table regarding school safety, but with none of them being non-intrusive to the learning environment, or true safety initiatives. There has been discussion of administrators carrying firearms, as well as armed guards, and in some cases districts adopted these initiatives but failed, and cost most towns in excess of $800,000.00 per year. We at Simply IV Safety feel that this is unfair for an educator to play the role of a law enforcement figure in a learning environment, and armed guards make the learning environment feel like an institutionalized setting for the students. As much respect that we have for officers, and first responders we feel that in todays society this makes them an initial target, and places an overwhelming task for one resource officer to try and protect an entire schools population safely, and with true outcome measures before extreme harm can be done. The learning environment should be such that, a place where children can learn free of distractions, or potential threat. Parents should be able to feel safe sending their children to school again, and the financial burden this places on the taxpayer for programs that show no true data is a waste. With a one time investment in our product further funding for years to come will ensure financial stability i.e; hiring back educators that were let go due to budget cuts, materials, and programs that are essential for the success of our generations to come.With the government grants available for school safety initiatives by government funding we believe that our product has the solution to bring back education to its highest standards, with a deterrent to ensure safety for all. Our intellectual property (Patented) product is a device that would be placed into every classroom, and administrative office in a school setting. Our device would be completely covered by functional tools for the learning environment i.e.; Smartboards, White Boards, Chalkboards, and other classroom furniture, and decoration suitable for the classroom setting, however behind these items would be a completely impenetrable refuge that is capable of housing every student, and administrator from any imminent threat. The system itself is equipped with its own independent air filtration system, back up source for power in the case of the main power being interrupted, communication, and essentials for the children, and teachers. By signing this petition, we would like your voices to be heard, your concerns to be validated, and to bring this to legislation for federal funding to implement this product on a national scale to make our generations safe, and parents have piece of mind sending their loved ones to school again against any possible threat. Together we can make change happen.

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