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Calling for the Demotion of Silver Fox

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Silver Fox was promoted to a Leader of Phoenix Studios earlier in the year. It was assumed that he would be a kind, productive Leader that would help Phoenix rise as an awesome team, one that would be remembered; instead he became corrupt, arrogent and biased person that we know today. There were many small things that made me wonder if Silver Fox the right person to take up the responsebility as leader. All the little things that he had done wrong he had fixed, by \"sucking up\" to the team; adding smilies, making graphics for people and generally being nice. Just recently though, it dawned on me that Silver Fox definatly was NOT the right person for the job. It all started with Black_Lynx. Black_Lynx had posted some things about Phoenix Studios that he didn\'t like; this was fine. The suggestions were fair, and should have been taken into account. Instead, Silver Fox deleted the topic, deleted the SECOND one the Black_Lynx made when he saw that his first topic was gone, deleted all posts that Black_Lynx made about the subject and tried to hide all the evidence. The only reason someone knew about these topics were because a moderator received an anonymous private message about it, and then saw the topics in the Archives and made a topic in the Staff Forum about it. Silver Fox then preceeded to make a rediculous rule that excluded staff from believing information contained in anonymous messages. A very similar thing then happened with Vo1ture. He had made a peice of graphics that could be worn in signatures to show that the person supported Vo1ture; Silver Fox said \"This topic is arrogent, and I don\'t like arrogence\" then sent the topic into the archives. When Vo1ture made a second topic, Silver Fox clearly didn\'t have a decent explanation for his actions. After losing this arguement, he said \"This topic is going to the archives bitches\". An old Archdesinger Syndicate member, Shmoobert, had been posting suggestions for improvements that could be made to Phoenix Studios. Silver Fox begun to delete these suggestions because he was annoyed by them. When Shmoobert accused Silver Fox of deleting his posts and threads, Silver Fox heavily flammed him, restricted the forums that he could see to one forum called \"Shmoo\'s Rants\" and deleted all evindence of this happening. I, Tombits, an ex-moderator of Phoenix Studios, then made a topic about the recent injustice surrounding Shmoobert. I wanted Shmoobert to be reinstated as a normal visitor, and a public apology to be made. Silver Fox didn\'t make any real defense statements at the time. The very next day, Silver Fox did a very similar thing to Cirrow; when Cirrow said he was a bad leader, Silver Fox flammed him, restricted his forum access to one forum called \"Confinement\" and deleted all the evidence. MSN histories show that Silver Fox liked sending people to \"Solitary Confinement\" better then banning them because \"It\'s like torture; the can post, but no one will hear them!\". When I confronted Silver Fox about this terrible injustice, he blew it. He rudely flammed me, stating that he was a leader, he could do what he wanted, and that I would soon be joining the ranks of the members. I then replied equally as rudely. I claimed that just because he was \"pissed\" (his internet had recently been giving him trouble) didn\'t mean he could mess people around. I then resigned as a moderator. There are many things I have heard, and many things I have seen that show Silver Fox is completely unfit for the job as a leader, but I am not at liberty to post them here. there is one thing that I think people should know about though. Silver Fox had a plan that he liked to call \"Black Ops\". He wanted staff to smurf on \"enemy team\" forums using proxies and IP changers, gain access to their private forums and spy on their projects and members. It just highlights how Silver Fox is not right as a leader. Phoenix Studios was meant to be a fun place where people could hang out, talk about their lives, have fun and produce great scenarios together; now it has turned into some kind of spy agencies, with members being abused by Silver Fox left right and center. It\'s completely wrong, unfair and injust, and this is why I created this survey. Hopefully the long piece of writing is enough to help you decide what is right, but I will provide some small pieces of evidence (these can be seen in the \"Links\" section, to the right of this page). Please help me, and those that have been abused by Silver Fox, to demote him - I want Phoenix Studios to be the place I thought it could be.


This petition is sponsered many people from different forums. Some include: Spirit Studios: Phoenix Studios:


A screenshot of the direct response to TombiTs accusing Silver Fox of being corrupt when \"Confining\" Cirrow: A conversation with Silver Fox which was copied and sent to me (A name has been blanked out with red):
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