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Silkroad Manifest for protection of the community.

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Post HOW much money you will not give to Joymax until they make botting legal in the TOS. You can sign HERE, or post at Botsmall. How much they will lose: Me:$50/month - $600/year SRO_King:$75/month - $900/year Chien Nguyen: $/month - $1200/year Anonymous: /month - $300/year Yyello: $100/month - $1200/year disappointed: $60+/month - $720+/year TERORIST1: $50/month - $600/year bob: $60/month - $720/year skAi^: $100/month - $1200/year Anonymous: $30/month - $360/year Anonymous: $400/year xBrokenSwrdx: $200/month - $2400/year DOUGHTY: $50/month - $600/year Total:$775/month - $11,200/year Only a few posted so far.....but $11,200 is a pretty huge bonus, dont you think This only represents not even .1% of the botters. If the word gets out and we stop buying silk, Joymax will have to allow botting or shut down iSRO. Either way, BOT ON BOT STRONG IF YOU SUPPORT THIS PETITION ADD TO YOUR FORUM COMMENTS AND SPREAD THE WORD. WE WONT BE THROWN AROUND ANYMORE. Silkroad Manifest for protection of the Silkroad majority population. Joymax Dont destroy our game by banning us. Botters are 75%+ of the games loyal, silk buying population. We love this game, and have been here since the beginning. At the level 60 cap, there was a small percentage of players who used bots to level up. Only one out of every 50 players have used the bot. We were all loyal to Joymax, and have tried to identify and report the botters. After a few months, it was clear from the fake banlists and unheard of GM involvement ingame, that Joymax wasnt going to fix it. Back then, it was extremely easy to get to level 60 and it didnt really matter if you botted or not. Those good old days were fun, running around brand new to the game. Then the level 70 cap hit. Many of my friends started to bot. Slowly, but surely, players started to fall to the dark side = ). At the peak of the 70 cap, more then half of the players used it. EVERY player back then had used the bot at least once to see what it does. Many people were starting to grow tired of grinding while the other half was getting off by just pressing 1 button. I remember constantly being KSed by bots in the mask room to the point at which I simply stopped leveling. By the time the 80 cap hit, everyone was a bot. Walking through the caves, not a single person responded to me. Walking through Karakorum, the only people who responded were people waiting for Yarkan. Stopping the bot back in the 60 cap would have prevented people from basically saying "Im sick and tired of all this". Now, banning every single person who ever used bot would basically create a ghost game, without any players. Now, your faced with a difficult decision. The bot population is the majority population in this game. Legit players hold a distant second. Your crusade against your own people will cause many people to quit. Fellow bot users, and the majority of Silkroad, if you get banned by Joymax, make double the amount of charictors that got banned. Dont fund their genocide of our population. IF YOU GET BANNED DO NOT BUY SILK. If they think the legit members stopping purchasing silk will cause a dent, they need to wait and see how much damage we can do. IF you fund Joymax, they will just ban you. It is just like funding Hitler\'s Holocaust....and your jewish. Doesnt make sense. Botting is just a choice of leveling. Thank you. IF YOU SUPPORT THIS PETITION ADD TO YOUR FORUM COMMENTS AND SPREAD THE WORD. WE WONT BE THROWN AROUND ANYMORE.


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