Sign the Petition Telling Selig to Lift the Ban on Pete Rose!!!

Linda Baumgartner
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Major League Baseball suspended Alex Rodriguez through the end of the 2014 season and banned 12 others for 50 games for doping. A-Rod will still be allowed to play while his suspension is appealed. If Pete Rose were managing today, he'd probably be suspended pending treatment for gambling addiction. Instead he's banned for life and the Reds can never retire his number, 14; he has been erased from Topps baseball cards; and he can't be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Yet A-Rod and others who have been suspended or banned may. Pete is 72 years old and needs to be inducted now, while he can be honored alive - not posthumously. Please sign this petition telling MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to lift the ban on Pete! And please share it!





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