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Kennedee Jo Karine
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This petition is for hair. It is so that children in Trafford schools  can express their individuality.  In this world we have been raised to express ourselves, to have freedom and to be an individual. Yet our schools try to prepare us for 'the real world' by forcing on to us rules that force us to conform. Many children have been sent home or isolated at my school alone for their hair being a bit too short or a bit too different. At Altrincham But does it really affect anyone? College Of Arts  if you show up to your GCSE with a 'inappropriate' hair style you aren't allowed in for the exams. What world are they preparing us for where we don't get a chance at our future because we are unique?  I believe along with a lot of other people that this is a time for change in the system. Sign this to help us put our point to our headmaster.




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    Kennedee Humphreys United Kingdom
    5 years ago