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Sign for CHANGE - Voice for Acad JR/SR Welfare (AIIMS Patna)

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On 23rd April 2022, at night around 8:45pm fire broke out in a room in hostel no 4, the hostel where girl PG residents and interns stay. Due to a certain mishap, the bed caught fire which led the occupant to call the security guards. On trying to alert the residents about the fire, it was found that the fire alarm was not functioning. None of the security guards knew the emergency protocols, how to operate a fire extinguisher or how to evacuate the hostel in a proper & safe way. The warden on night duty was not present at that time. The residents who were trying to evacuate the hostel were clueless, added to the smoke and darkness and the EXIT sign board being non-functioning. After, the fire was put out, no higher authority, be it the supervisor, warden or chief warden, contacted the affected residents. Even, after this ordeal which had scared everyone for their life, they were asked by the warden to adjust for the night and Sunday. This wasn’t the first issue of a fire breaking out in the hostel in AIIMS Patna.

The following issues need to be brought to attention of administration:

  • Non-functioning of the fire alarms.
  • Non inspection of the fire extinguishers.
  • Lack of sprinklers in the corridors in case of fire emergency
  • Lack of appropriate, prompt response from concerned authorities and training of the staffs present.
  • Loss of property and the emotional ordeal of the residents.

We are highly disappointed about the fact that AIIMS Patna does not respect the needs & welfare of the PGTs. The hostel maintenance being another major issue, there is never availability of the required things in the store. PGTs have to wait for months to get the basic things in their rooms repaired else they had to repair it themselves in their hectic schedule which is a source of constant distress.

Moreover, the female PGTs don’t have a designated hostel for them. They stay along with the interns in hostel 4 and 5 where the rooms are subpar compared to the other Resident hostels. Even after repeated requests and applications, no steps have been taken yet to accommodate them in a different hostel. No enthusiasm or interest regarding this matter is shown even after continuous and tiresome requests from the entire female post graduate residents since last two years.

Administration has to consider the following demands from our side:

  • Instead of making false allegations, the institute should order a thorough investigation by an autonomous committee.
  • Monthly inspection of fire alarms, smoke sensors, and other emergency related objects. If not present, the institute should make those facilities in each and every hostel
  • Proper training of the staffs including mock drills and fire safety teaching should be conducted every month to ensure safety of hostellers.
  • Increase in the transformer load. Connection of all the rooms to the main circuit.
  • Store management should be strictly followed. JRS should get their rooms maintained without significant delay. Audit of every item should be done.
  • Allotment of a designated hostel to the female PGTs with room at par with the other resident hostels.
  • An apology from the warden, Chief Warden & on duty for the lack of an appropriate and empathetic response.

PGTs have come from various parts across the country to AIIMS on our merit to become better them. But the present conditions and treatment met are seriously deteriorating our mental as well as physical wellbeing. In view of the recent mishap, and the constant neglect faced by us, we request administration to look into the matter with serious urgency as it is matter of lives.

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