Shut Down PSPBlender

james walmsley
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Dear sir or madam, Me and the people who have signed this petition wish for PSPBlender to be shut down for a number of reasons. 1. This site is a scam. It does not provide what it says it delivers. It says it provides movies, music, games, software and ebooks when it clearly does not. 2. Lots have people are losing money to PSPBlender. This was posted by NatexCore at well respected site "About 2 years ago my mother bought me a life-time membership to PSP Blender as a Christmas Gift for 35 dollars, and as of today i honestly do not think it was worth it. They do not give you game downloads such as ISO's or CSO's They do not give you theme downloads. They do not give you audio downloads. They do not give you Movies downloads. All of which are promised before you sign up for the service. I was able to downgrade my PSP and play dozens of CSO games scince then and i didn't need PSP blender one bit, the only thinkg it gave me was a little bit of information to get started. All in all it is not worth the money, i would not recomend anybody to pay them for their service. You can do so with your PSP for free on the internet,no need to shell out the extra money for nothing." Source: We need to shut down this site so that nobody else loses their money. We are not downloading illegally, we are just backing it up Yours faithfully, James Walmsley