Shut Up Slane!

Shut Up Slane
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Residents of MacDougal Street unite to make Slane Public House shut the f*** up!

Every weeknight at 9pm, Slane hosts live musicians and turns the volume up to 11. Management keeps their doors open and amplifies the sound as loud as possible - bad Katy Perry cover songs invade the apartments of every resident on the block. There is nothing local citizens can do to drown out the intolerable cacophony. 311 complaints may quiet the music for a night, but the next evening the musicians are back at full volume.

This noise invasion is disrespectful to residents, law enforcement and to all of our local restaurants and bars that show consideration for the neighbors by following the rules.

We ask two courtesies of Slane on weeknights: keep the doors closed or turn down the volume.

Reclaim the weeknight peace our neighborhood deserves. Tell Slane management and owners to respect local residents and return to being the good neighbors they used to be.

This petition will be sent to Slane, our local NYPD 6th precinct, the New York State Liquor License Authority, city councilors, the media, and anyone else who will listen - because we can't stand to listen any longer!


MacDougal Street Residents and Greenwich Village Good Neighbors





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