A Safer Shunpike Road

Dan Mihal
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The Residents of Cape May County want to make Shunpike Road in Middle Township safer. There have been too many accidents and too many deaths on Shunpike Road between Shell Bay and Indian Trail Road. We have asked the officials of Middle Township and The Board of Freeholders to make the necessary changes.

We’d like to have a reduced speed limit, cleared lines of sight at intersections, and traffic lights installed where needed. The Township and County officials have been receptive and have already begun some of the work. A survey by an Engineering firm should take place soon.

The final decision will be based on many factors and public opinion makes a difference.

If you would like to join us in our mission to stop the accidents and deaths on Shunpike Road, please sign the petition below. 

The County and the Township need to hear from you to know where you need safer roads. Thanks for your help.




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