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Should I, age 14, be able to play GTA IV

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Alright, the problem/conflict is that my parents aren't big "fans" of the GTA game series. But that was when I was 10, and I could understand that, but I've matured and aged since then, and I've learned a lot of things in the past 4 to 5 years. Pretty soon, I'm going to get a license, then possibly a car, a part-time job at GameStop, and then I'm going to be heading off to college. So, I've been debating with my mom for a little bit, and she finally, after many no's and "it's only a game, it's not like I think I can actually do that stuff", she finally said to ask my dad, which is a half-way yes, depending on my dad's answer. I have plenty of things that I can debate with and change my parents' minds... -The game has strong violence/gore (I think...), but so does every game nowadays. I mean, Mortal Kombat for instance. That game gave "birth" to ESRB (the game rating board). Not only that, but he got it one of them for my 10th b-day, so I'm use to seeing blood, guts, and disembodied limbs. -The game has language, but it's nothing that I've been exposed to before. I mean, think about the Internet. Millions of people everyday log on to the Internet, whether they're drunk, or high, or even retarded. Lots of people post up text on websites tons of "inappropiate language". I mean, I've seen tons o' movies where the "F" word is used. Even PG-13 movies are starting to have the "F" word. -Drug and Alchohol Reference. I think this is in the game. If not, I'm still gonna preach on it. Okay, now, really, this doesn't even really deserved to be preached on. I mean, we litarally see something on tv or on a videogame or even on the streets about drugs/alchohol. I mean, if you and a friend just happened to see a guy selling cocain across the street to someone else, you can run up to an adult or someone with authority and say, "Hey, that dude's selling cocain!", they'll usually reply, "Okay..." and might not do a thing about it, unless they have nothing better to do. So, there's my massive speech/preach. If you agree, feel free to sign the petition. If not, go away... now. So, I think the things above are pretty convincing. Anyways, I don't want the game for that. I mainly want the online multiplayer.

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