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Stop Shark Finning

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Finning is the practice of cutting off the fins of a shark while it's still alive. After, they throw the live body back into the water. Then, the shark is left to dorwn(as they haveto keep moving), starve, or even eaten as they can only sink to the bottom.


Sharks are very misunderstood creatures. Soda pop machines kill more people than sharks. Sharks do not even ententially kill people! They bite, and then the human most likely dies from bleeding to death. The shark is such an elligent creature. I know people hear this a lot, to put yourself in someone else's shoes. We really need to put our self in the places of the sharks. They do not ententially kill humans, and yet we think it's okay to cut off their fins, and throw them back into the water to suffer. Finning may be illegal, but so many around the world still do it. Maybe if we can help by signing a petition, it will have just some kind of impact. To help keep our ecosystems balanced and healthy. Also, to just keep an amzing misunderstood creature safe, as nothing nor anyone deserves such a thing like finning.



-Every year about 100 million sharks are killed each year due to finning.

-One pound of shark fin can be sold up to $300 or more.

-It is said in about 10 years, most shark species will be lost because od long-lining and finning.

-99% of the shark is thrown away.

-The shark population is estimated to have declined about 90% because of finning.

-Sharks keep the aqautic ecosystem balanced, and have been for over 400 million years.

-Some say this is a cure or will help make you resistant to cancers or diseases, as the sharks are tested negative of cancers and diseases. There is so evidence to support this "cure".


So please, help make a difference, take a stand, and help stop this cruel act against the shark.


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