We KNOW what Benjamin Joseph Watts is DOING

Stephen Faulk
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We are all signing this petition to bear witness to the fact that we know of the crimes and disgusting, indecent and wholly despicable acts committed by SDA member Benjamin Joseph Watts, with the full protection of the church. Some of us are of the SDA ourselves and sign this petition to implore the pastors and church leaders of Greensboro, North Carolina to do what they can to stop his slide into spiritual and physical depravity, and to do something to help the souls he leaves wrecked in his wake.



  • Troy Spencer
    Troy Spencer United States, Springdale
    Jun 25, 2017
    Jun 25, 2017
    Ben stuck his knob up a 12 year-old birds bum. He's a rapist.


  • 4 months ago
    Troy Spencer United States
    4 months ago
  • 5 years ago
    Lance French United Kingdom
    5 years ago