Return The Tidal Wave To Six Flags Great America

W. Guy Finley
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Whereas, The Tidal Wave was one of the earliest major roller coaster attractions added to Marriott's Great America in Gurnee, Illinois in 1978; and Whereas, it operated to the delight of its riders for 13 seasons; and Whereas, it was one of the signature and most recognizable attractions of Great America; and Whereas, it was a unique attraction, rare to be found anywhere else in the country or the world; and Whereas, the Six Flags park that most recently was operating the attraction has now ceased operation; and Whereas, Six Flags corporation should be doing its utmost to preserve the heritage of Great America for current and future generations; Therefore BE IT RESOLVED by the undersigned: 1. Six Flags Corporation should should dismantle the attraction formerly known as The Tidal Wave at its current location in Louisville, Kentucky; 2. All components, parts and equipment for the attraction should be relocated to Six Flags Great America; 3. A suitable site should be prepared for the reinstallation of the attraction; 4. The attraction should be restored as best as possible to its original theming and color schemes and any original theming items be salvaged wherever possible; 5. The attraction should reopen again as The Tidal Wave for the 2011 operating season. So say we all!


W. Guy Finley