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Allow Sangat to do Sewa! including women, non-turb

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We recently received sad news that some misinformed committee members of a local Gurdwara Sahib has banned members of the Sangat from performing various sewas in their local Gurdwaras; including doing nitnem, parkash, sukhasan, Ardas, even carrying Guru Maharaj to and fro Sachkhand; amongst other sewas. Various Sikhs of the local community were verbally reprimanded and abused while doing it and even afterwards; and one of them also got 'warning' letters through registered mails telling her to stop these sewa. She feels strongly that being a woman; she is being told to not do these sewas: "as I am dirty". Are women not equal to me in Sikhi Another young Sikh, who till recently was not keeping his hair and has started to wear his turban and come back on the path is now totally disillusioned as he was also reprimanded for doing sewa. We do not want him to back-slide away from Sikhi again, do we The committee members, who themselves rarely partake in sewa, simran and satsang; sit in their high abodes and make illogical, irrelevant and irresponsible decisions, policies and rulings. They want to limit these sewas to the salaried employees of the Gurdwara only. Sikhi allows sewa to be done by anyone, doesn't it In this time and age when our young ones are sliding away from Sikhism due to external influences, we do not need a new enemy within to make matters worse. So please forward this to all fellow Sikhs all over the world and please sign this petition to : 1) Allow the sangat to do All Sewas 2) Allow Women to do Sewa on par with Men 3) Allow Sehajdhari Sikhs(Sikhs without long hair) to do Sewa. 4) Sewa to be all inclusive, all embracing and open to All. We need at least 10,000 signatures to support this petition to break the ego and the vote bank of the narrow minded committee members - the masands of today! Please join us and get all your friends to support this petition. Thank you.

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