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*******************UPDATE********************* ********************************************** We the people of the State of Pennsylvania and its neighboring communities are signing this petition to show support for the Servano family. It is our wish that the US government will grant Dr. Pedro Servano III and Mrs. Salvacion Servano full amnesty or at the very least, an extension for their stay in this country and another opportunity for their case to be heard. We believe in the American way -in keeping families together, and we hope that our government will feel the same. ***************IMPORTANT*********** There is a donation section after you submit your signature. *YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE IN ORDER TO SIGN THE PETITION.* The donation is NOT for the SERVANO FAMILY. NO money will go to the Servano Family. The sole purpose of the donation is for the website. The money donated goes to to help fund their operations. The Servano Family is neither employed nor recieving any benefits, other than online signatures and its support of our family, via We sincerely appologize if the donation screen causes any confusion or inconvenience. Thank You Servano Family


Please direct all petition inquiries to: Letters to the Servano family: Note: Negative letters will be filtered out before family reads it.

Links (Case cover letter being sent to congress) (Read this if you want to fully understand the situation) ( This is the online article by the Daily Item.) (There is also an Online Poll regarding the deportation issue)