Senior Gift 2014

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To the HF Class of 2014,

For four years, we have been told in our mandatory religion classes that we should aid the less fortunate and that it is our moral and ethical responsibility to do so. I don't believe anyone would disagree with such a claim. Unfortunately, our administration is failing to put this teaching into practice. Rather than allowing us to donate our excess class money to Catholic Relief Services to make a real impact in the lives of the poor and thirsty, we have been told that our "class gift" will be to pitch into a light-up cross for the school. The purpose of this petition is to show the administration that, as a class, we would like to start a new tradition not of adding some material "thing" to the school, but instead donating to a cause of real value to those in need. If this receives more than 100 signatures, I will take it to our principal to discuss changing his plans. Thank you for reading and for your support if you choose to give it.