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Send Blacks back to Africa

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Are you tired of your black sons being shot down?

Are you tired of hearing of the injustices the black community?

Do you dream that someday black people will be able to live in peace apart from the racial discrimination of this country?

For blacks in America now is a Crucial time to decide what side of the line you stand on. Are you content with the mistreatment and constant trampling down of our fellow Brothers and sisters?!!! It is time for us to unite, to take a stand. This country continues to ignore our contributions, treat us as second class citizens and refuses to compensate us for the countless hours of free slave labor. We have suffered constant violations of our human rights and the down right lack of respect for our people, culture and values. We must come to decide if we even care to continue to try to fit into a country that has only ever rejected us.

Wake up Black America!!! They don’t plan to except you!!! They don’t intend to level the playing field for us. They only intend for us to only be a slave class of people in servitude to them. We need an Alternative to the marches, an alternative to the peaceful protests... We tried that and we failed.

How many times must We be rejected and shunned before you decide to escape your abuser?

How much more abuse must we endure?

Will your daughter have to be the next victim before you decide it’s time to take a stand?

We need to be positioning ourselves to make the transition back to the land given to our forefathers. I understand that not everyone is ready to let go of their captors, because Stockholm syndrome is a real thing and for some this place has given them a false sense of hope. Then there are those of us who recognize that slowly but surely this house is burning down and we need an exit plan. Understand that choosing to stay in America is choosing certain death and I certainly don’t intend to die for someone who never loved me anyway... It’s time to take a stand!!! What side of the line will you stand on???

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