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Memorandum Warisan Sarawak

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We, the sons and daughters of Sarawak, the Land of Hornbills; are proud of our diverse culture, rich heritage and long history. These are the identity of each and everyone born and bred here in Sarawak. We carry it with us, no matter where we are. 

Regardless of educational background, political affiliation and religious faith, when we speak of Sarawak, we speak of it with honour and we speak of it in pride. We, the sons and daughters of Sarawak, the Land of Hornbills; are not abhorrent of progress and development. 

However, the recent happenings have shown a tendency towards unbridled development, which is a danger towards our culture, our heritage and our history. Our buildings, our monuments, our legacy of yester-years are being taken down, torn apart and demolished all in the name of so-called progress and development. For us, even though the buildings and monuments were built when the country was young, but because of this era, we are defined today. 

Thus, it is a stab in the eyes and heart of each and every one of the sons and daughters of Sarawak that these landmarks are being carelessly demolished without any concern of their significance in Sarawak‘s personality. Therefore, we would like to appeal to Malaysian Government, Sarawak State Government, Sarawak Tourism and Heritage Ministry and all related ministries to put a check on unbridled development that are or will be endangering our buildings and monuments be it man-made or by forces of nature.  

Let there be, a consensus, if ever they need be development, from the sons and daughters of Sarawak.


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