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Seeking Justice: Divorcing The Daughter of an Army General

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My name is Khalid Hilali, 48 years old, originally from Morocco and residing in the United States. I am writing this summaryto presentmy case concerning my unfair trial and illegal imprisonment. This happened in Morocco and my case became notorious nationwide because of the evident abuse of power from a high ranking Army General.

The following is a description of the case in brief: In a family dispute that turned political, one of the highest ranking Army Generals of Morocco, my ex-wife’s father, General Mohamed Tamdi , was behind my arrest and imprisonment for 5 months (from 07/2010 to 12/2010) following my divorce from hisdaughter.During my marriage, I was coerced by my ex-wife’s father to sell my businessof five years, a private school i foundedandwas runningas50% ownerwith my ex-wife, and permanently move from Marrakech, Morocco to Rabat, Morocco to live withthem. When I refused to move, my ex father-in lawthreatened to use all his power andoffice positionagainst me and make me regret my decision. He threatened to put me in jail and take my daughters away from me so that I would not be able to see them again.



My oldest daughter, Rania is now 14 years of age and was born in New York while I was attending college there, and my youngest daughter Rim, is10 years old and was born in Marrakech. Shortly after I refused to relocate, my ex-wife’s father sent some of his army officers to my house to pick up my ex-wife and childrento take them to Rabat. Two days after that, my ex-wife through her father, filed for divorce in Rabat even though Marrakech had jurisdiction, since that was where we had been residing for years. A few months after the divorce was filed, the Family Court of Rabat released a record high in spousal dues to be paid to my wifein connection with the divorce. The amount owedfor spousal and child support was the equivalent of $273,000.00 to be paid immediatelyplus the equivalent of $4,000 per month starting from the date of divorce until my two daughters get married,plus, i had to give up on half of my shares in the school, which I worked for all my life ~ the largest sum ever decreed by far by a court in Moroccan legal history (noting that my court case was a major headline in the top newspapers of Morocco as a result of the politics involved). In a separate case filed by my ex-wife’s parents, I was accused of wrongdoings (dishonest use of joint-funds, fraudand more) in connection with my running of the private school in Marrakech. Despite a complete lack of evidence, I was arrested illegally and imprisoned immediately in the penitenciary "BOULEMHAREZ" in Marrakech. I was ultimately sentenced to one year of suspended imprisonment, but spent almost 5 months unjustly incarcerated. After being held in prison, I was approached by two high ranking Officers,Army GeneralB. Aouad andCol. Loukili who informed me that my father-in-law would keep me in prison indefinitely unless I signed documents to give up all of my belongings, the rest of my shares at the private school I owned with my ex-wife, and mainly the rights to see my children ever again. Desperate to be released and avoid further mental torture and inhuman treatment in jail, I gave in to the coercion and threatsand signed the documents that were presented to me in jail, hand-cuffed and against my will. Ultimately, the charges of ‘dishonest use of joint funds’ and ‘fraud’ were dismissed with a finding of not guilty.However, i was unjustly convicted of a misdemeanor ‘abuse of trust’and given one year of suspended imprisonment, the purpose behind it was to justify my illegal arrest and torture in prison and to cover forthe abuseof power of my ex father in law and his right hand men. Upon my release from jail Iappealed the conviction ‘abuse of trust’ since it was unfair and I had the proof, but was threatened by my father-in-law that if I pursued the appeal and reported what happened to me to the media I would be killed. I then withdrew my appeal following the continued threats of coercion and fled to the United States leaving behind my daughters and all my belongings and properties which I worked for all my life. Today, I am seeking Justiceto recover my rights as a father so I will hopefully be able to see my beloved daughters again and recover my rights; my life is still threatened and this is why I decided to approach this path so actions can be taken.

I just finished writing a bookabout my story “Seeking Justice: Divorcing the daughter of an Army General” which will be published soon.


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