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I herein offer my account of the events that have occurred in relation to a SWAT team raid against Shellie Smith, Quinn Eaker and the Garden of Eden. Details will be posted (and details where to find them will be added here as they become available) of all the documentation, for your perusal and public record, that shows the lawful communications according to due process of law as made by Shellie Smith with regards to the City of Arlington Code Compliance Office. Other allegations were made that are addressed herein, revealing the truth as it unfolded. We wish you to determine for yourself the level of honor with which the City of Arlington operates.

If you wish, as do we, that the truth of their operations be revealed (what their true intentions were, how much this operation cost the taxpayers of Arlington, and the names of those responsible for participating), to hold them accountable for their actions against us, the People, demand amends for their unlawful actions, their full acknowledgement that their sole purpose is to act in accordance with their Oaths of Office, is to serve and protect the People, and that Shellie Smith is a free woman to live her life according to God’s law--do no harm, we ask that you sign this petition in support of the inalienable God-given rights as upheld by the Constitution and Bill of Rights for We the People, and to show the City of Arlington and the people of this community, as well as the world, that the government employees are to be responsible for their actions, transparent in all their interactions, and accountable to the People.

On Friday, August 2, 2013, at approximately 7:40 a.m. I was sleeping naked in my bedroom, my personal space. I had been asleep only about an hour when I heard some commotion. I rolled out of bed and quickly dressed in the nightgown that was next to my bed.

Almost immediately I heard a very loud racket and the shouting of “police”. Still feeling somewhat in a dream state, I heard my bedroom door open and was then grabbed by a man dressed in full black gear from head to toe. I saw him only for a split second. He appeared to be wearing a face mask, and carrying a large black gun. He forced me facedown on the floor of my room, saying he was not going to hurt me, but wanted to secure the premises. I remained peaceful though I do not recall that he identified himself. I was being detained through physical force, at gunpoint, by an unidentified masked man in my personal and private space.

This masked man told me to put my hands behind my back and proceeded to put handcuffs very tightly around my wrists. He told me to roll to my side and that he was going to pat me down. He ran his hands down my side and between my breasts, asked me to roll to the other side and again touched my body in the same manner.

He asked me how many adults and children were in the house. He asked me again almost immediately. I asked for a moment to think clearly so I could reply honestly. I replied honestly that I believe eight and two.

He then guided me from my quarters to an adjacent room where four of my friends, Amadi, Ka,, D'Rahb and Scott were already handcuffed and sitting on the floor.

He made me sit down near my friends who were guarded by other men carrying what I believed to be assault rifles. I asked them if they were all okay, to which they replied yes. I then sat peacefully at their side.

Quinn Eaker was brought in handcuffs through the living room and was seated with us under gun control.

Inok Alrutz arrived in handcuffs approximately 3 or 4 minutes later without her two children. Quinn and I both immediately asked about the safety and whereabouts of the children, to which she replied “they are upstairs sleeping”. She stated that the children were left under the armed guard of an officer, while she was forced downstairs to provide her information. Quinn informed the officer that the infant had never been away from her mother and insisted they return her to her children.

Scott, handcuffed and seated with me, had already been identified by providing his driver’s license.

Tim was the only friend missing from our circle on the floor. His whereabout, safety and well-being were unknown to me for a couple of hours.

The rest of us were questioned as to our names and birthdates. Inok gave hers first so to expedite her processing. Inok remained with us for a total of about ten minutes before she was returned to her room to be with her sleeping children.

I was then asked my name and birthday. I gave them the name for which I am the authorized representative, Shellie Smith. I had nothing to hide. Knowing full well these unidentified, masked intruders did not deserve my cooperation or energy, fingers on triggers of guns pointed at this physical body in such moments speak loudly. I was aware that peaceful existence inside and out was in divine order.

Quinn asked for a valid warrant from our captors. We were told that it had not arrived yet and we would see it in due time. We demanded their names, which they refused to provide. Since they would not provide any identification, we decided that it would be in our best interest to refrain from giving out more information about ourselves until a valid and lawful, signed, sworn and attested to, under penalty of perjury, warrant was presented, as there was no proof that this was a lawful or bona fide search and seizure as they had portrayed it to be, nor that the intruders were indeed de jure law enforcement officers/SWAT operatives, as they provided no information whatsoever about their identity except on their initial “police” shout upon entering our home. No warrant was presented us for the entire time we were detained in handcuffs which was for one and a half to two hours. We were detained by men with deadly weapons without any lawful notification, without proof of lawful entry, and without identification from our captors.

My friend Amadi asked the men standing over us with guns what their nationality and status was. One of the men stated that he did not know he had a status. Quinn clarified that we wished to know in what capacity he was operating. Neither he nor the men surrounding us gave any valid answer.

Quinn asked one of the men for his Oath of Office, to which he replied that he knew what an Oath of Office was and that he had one, but did not have it with him. We persistently continued to demand oaths of office and identification. At no time did anyone present any Oath of Office or documented bona fide proof of official capacity nor recite any oath even though it was demanded.

I asked several alleged SWAT operatives for the name of the person in charge and how many alleged SWAT members were on the land. One man told me he did not know who was in charge and another informed me that Lt. McGraff was in charge. Several men told me they did not know how many SWAT members were present, nor would they provide a rough estimate of that number.

Alleged Lt. McGraff walked through the front door approximately 10 to 15 minutes later. As he passed by me while cuffed on the floor, I saw the name on his uniform and asked if he was in charge, he told me “No.” I verified his identity by asking “are you Lt. McGraff,” to which he replied “Yes”. I felt they had once again attempted to blatantly deceive me, though I had asked clear and specific questions. This is just an example of the many incidents and attempts to divert our rights to KNOW, and the ignorance with which our demands were met, both during this raid and with my other attempts to communicate with employees from the City of Arlington.

From my point of view I could see some of the activity that was taking place outside as well as alleged officers and alleged SWAT Operatives moving through our home, searching wherever they wanted through our personal belongings, randomly and frantically roaming through our space in chaotic patterns, in and out of rooms, while contacting each other through electronic devices. I heard the fan fall in my room, later to be found broken on the floor. The front fabric screen door was also ripped open, though, to my knowledge, the front door was already open, not requiring excessive force to enter. I recall that there were three men with guns with full, padded, black gear standing over us at all times, guns in hand, threatening our well-being. We continued asking many questions of these men, including their names, to which we received no reply.

As the armed intruders were not answering our questions, except for the time which was 8:25 a.m., Quinn began discussing with us our rights, valid warrants and due process of law. Very quickly the armed man to my left, who I believe took me from my room, nodded his head. Quinn was immediately separated from us as he was seized and taken to a room adjacent to ours, being told to “preach on your own time”. Quinn was denied his right to free speech--even in this moment of his life--which is his” own time”, and the alleged officers denied themselves the much needed reminder of their one and only true duty to serve and protect the People, in strict accordance with their Oaths of Office. The rest of us remained calm and seated, knowing the injustice which was prevailing, in continuity with the other interactions and previous encounters with the individuals at the City of Arlington. We were in full awareness that our lives were seriously in danger--innocent, peaceful people being held violently against our will, by the very people we employ for honorable protection.

We were offered to have our cuffs adjusted if we were uncomfortable. Amadi and I were both uncomfortable; they looked at the cuffs on our wrists, but would not adjust them. Scott’s were swapped for a pair belonging to another alleged officer as there was a change of guard or men leaving their posts. There were problems opening Scott’s cuffs, but soon resolved. We were informed that soon we would be clear to remove the cuffs and be moved to more comfortable seating.

My friends and I discussed the tranquility we were capable of having even in this life-threatening situation. Even under duress and the pressure of their presence, we remained peaceful and simultaneously aware of the multitude of rights violations which were occurring. We told the alleged officers/operatives that we loved them anyway, regardless of their unjust and unlawful actions. I could feel the tension in my body, released through my shaking legs as I sat upon them.

The supposed warrant was delivered through the front door where I was seated and set on the counter above me. I was told that they were presenting it to me as I was the owner of the land, though it was never placed in my hands, but actually was like a tease---here it is, but you can’t have it! I demanded to have the warrant placed where I could read it, and then passed to Quinn. I was told that I could not see it because my hands were cuffed. I replied that my hands are cuffed but my eyes see just fine. They refused to provide me the opportunity to read the warrant, though I demanded they do so, repeatedly.

Quinn was escorted in his blue shorts by alleged officers/operatives through the room in which we were seated, cuffed and peaceful. He was removed from our land in handcuffs, against his will, under duress, and taken to the Arlington Jail. I heard only the words “misdeamenor” and something to the effect “this is your opportunity to save your dignity by getting dressed” in the voice of an alleged officer, as they were taking him by armed force.

Eventually we were informed that the cuffs could be removed. We were informed to stand with our backs to the alleged officers/operatives so they could uncuff us.

When my cuffs were removed, I reached for the SEARCH WARRANT that was never presented to me. I was not given time to read the SEARCH WARRANT, however, but was escorted to the front porch where I was met by men identified as Mike Bass and Neil Lucas from the City of Arlington Code Compliance Office. Curtis Jones was also present though did not identify himself nor was identified to me by others.

I recognized Neil Lucas and Curtis Jones as they had personal contact with me a year or two before wherein I addressed code compliance issues with them. I, at that time, invited them both to my land, which invitation they accepted, to share with them our sustainable practices and the inspiration and passion with which we were operating. We made them aware of the composting and vermiculture classes we have taken from the alleged City of Arlington and how we have supported their composting efforts as well. We explained our techniques and the beauty that was under the surface they could not see from their limited perspective. Neal Lucas, inspired, replied... “I want to have a garden”. Neal has also told me they do not wish to stop our sustainable practices, but their actions speak louder than their words. In 2012 when dealing with code enforcement ,I asked Neal Lucas for the same things I asked this year, which included, amongst other things, his Oath of Office, an Affidavit of Damages from the party so damaged by my actions, a copy of the contract wherein I personally agreed to conform to their views and laws, and the law that supersedes the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I never received a reply to that demand.

During the preceding months prior to the date of this raid, Neal Lucas, Mike Bass and Curtis Jones (as well as four others, and the Municipal Court of Arlington), have refused to answer phone calls questions and written, lawful, certified mail communication, made according to due process of law.. In recognizing Neal Lucas, I looked into his eyes as he handled me the INSPECTION AND ABATEMENT WARRANT FOR FIRE, HEALTH, AND CODE VIOLATIONS. Neil Lucas did not look at me eye to eye, even though he was addressing me; neither did Mike Bass or Curtis Jones while they were standing in my presence. In my experience it is difficult for people to look squarely in the eyes of others when they are dishonorable and unwilling to admit it. All three men walked off with a group of others toward the driveway to begin stealing my belongings from these sacred lands.

My friends and I were moved into the kitchen, where we were allowed to move about within this space and eventually to the deck outside. Being “allowed” to move in my own space is unfathomable to me, a free woman. We were, for the entirety of the day, in the presence of armed men and women who watched our every move.

I read aloud the two WARRANTS and was stunned at the charges. I have never witnessed or seen or had any suspicion whatsoever that any of the things mentioned in the SEARCH WARRANT were ever part of any reality here and the accusations which are attested to under oath by DETECTIVE PEREZ #2558 are, to the best of my knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded and untrue. To wit:

First, The living, breathing, free man, Quinn Eaker, is not QUINN EAKER. The man I call Quinn Eaker was in my presence for the entirety of every day and night on or about July 30, 2013, except for a potential window of an hour or two when he went out to the store. During the time he was in my presence on this land, there was never a detective present here who could possibly honorably make claim that he was in possession of any amount of marijuana, or even a glass of tea for that matter. Nor did I hear of any incident or possible contact with any detective or officer from others who were also present with him during the course of the day and night on or about July 30, 2013. including Inok who accompanied Quinn to the store.

Second, it would be impossible for the corporate entity QUINN EAKER to be charged with possession, because a corporate entity is a fictitious entity, and a fictitious entity cannot be in possession of any physical matter. The living, breathing man, Quinn Eaker was not charged with possession, but was unlawfully seized by force and kidnapped.

Third, the corporate entities QUINN EAKER and SHELLIE SMITH were accused of concealing a marijuana grow and trafficking operation. It would be impossible for the corporate entities QUINN EAKER or SHELLIE SMITH to conceal anything, because corporate entities are fictitious entities, and fictitious entities cannot possibly possess or conceal any physical matter.

Fourth, I can personally attest to the fact that I, Shellie Smith, am not now, nor have I ever been, a party to a marijuana grow and trafficking operation, nor has Quinn Eaker since he has personally been present on the land where we dwell, nor do I have any reason to believe he ever did prior to that time.

Fifth, there never was at any time mentioned to me that any amount of marijuana was found. In fact, the SEARCH WARRANT specifically commands: “if you find such property and items and/or parts thereof, you will seize the same and bring it before me at the place hereinafter named.” Hand-written on reverse side of the SEARCH WARRANT is written “Items Seized -- None”, then initialed, presumably by one of the officials, thus proving that the claims and accusations made by DETECTIVE PEREZ #2558 were unfounded and there was no solid evidence to act upon. As confirmed, the accusations were in alignment with deception and dishonor, as had already taken place in my dealings with the City of Arlington. If this is the level of integrity with which a serious operation of this magnitude is based, I believe questioning the actions and honor of all the individuals employed by the City of Arlington is warranted.

Sixth, the SUSPECTED PLACE as described in the SEARCH WARRANT does not exist on this land as there is no “dwelling painted a grayish blue with white trim”.

Seventh, the suspicions and accusations with regard to the following are also untrue, and completely without any foundation whatsoever:

1) Live marijuana plants in various stages of growth,

2) Cultivated and usable marijuana ready for distribution,

3) Materials used in the packaging, cutting, weighing and distribution of marijuana,

4) Components of a marijuana growing operation including, but not limited to, structural supports, high intensity lights, ballasts, tubs, water pumps, tubing/hoses, electrical timers, carbon dioxide generators, fans, air filtration systems, grow media, measuring cups, and hydroponic nutrient formula/fertilizer,

5) Documents including but not limited to a calendar or date book which illustrates a time keeping system noting important steps in the marijuana growing process of one or more locations that are used for the sole purpose of growing marijuana,

6) Books, records, notes, ledgers, bank records, and papers, handwritten or electronic, which relate to the distribution of marijuana or the receiving of proceeds from the illegal distribution and sale of marijuana,

7) Books, records, notes, ledgers, bank records, and papers, handwritten or electronic, which relate to members of a trafficking organization that distributes marijuana,

8) US Currency related to the illegal distribution of marijuana,

(Nos. 9 and 10 stricken from the SEARCH WARRANT)

11) Photographs or videos of contraband and/or members of a trafficking organization that distributes marijuana.

Eighth, with regard to the INSPECTION AND ABATEMENT WARRANT FOR FIRE, HEALTH, AND CODE VIOLATIONS, it has already been proven, on the record, that there is no jurisdiction or honorable, valid excuse for the City of Arlington to be compelled to initiate, instigate, fabricate, invent, engage in deceitful intent, address or in any way make justification for any action, make any threats to, assert any force over, make any judgment of, or contact with or about me, a living breathing being dwelling on this land, my Beingness, my spiritual path, my private life, my vision, passion or presence on this land or in any space and time so gifted to me by my Creator, nor the land itself, the soil or the depths thereof, commonly known as 7325 Mansfield Cardinal Road, nor the personal belongings or contents thereon. Further, there is no lawful justification for the City of Arlington to make claim to ownership of, or rightful claim to, anything that rightfully belongs to me.

Ninth, signed, sworn and attested to documentation, entered into the case file at the Arlington Municipal Court on May 8, 2013, shows that, according to due process of law, the record was established that the alleged City of Arlington was given opportunity to provide lawful proof of jurisdiction and bona fide, valid proof of their claims. The alleged City of Arlington has already acquiesced and agreed had that there is no jurisdiction and that any claims they made were unsubstantiated. This matter has already been resolved by their agreement and therefore there was no justification for further action.

Tenth, there is no two story, white single family house that exists on this land.

We offered to make breakfast of eggs and pancakes for anyone who wished to partake, as well as fresh smoothies or other beverages. No alleged officer took us up on the offer. We offered again around lunch time to serve them gumbo, but again they refused.

I looked into the eyes of many of the men and women carrying powerful weapons, all of whom were not invited into my home. They were present at all times with loaded firearms, watching over our every move, even if we wanted to go to the bathroom. From most every City of Arlington employee I came in contact with, I demanded their name, so as to know how to address the individuals who work for me and the People. At the beginning of the day there were only a few that were honorable enough to share that information. Many alleged officers held onto their collars with their right hands, intentionally concealing their names on their uniforms from view with their right arm. They turned their heads to the side as if not hearing us when we addressed them.

As the day progressed, the alleged officers were more receptive to our questions and we had some casual verbal exchanges both in the kitchen and on the back deck. I expressed my gratitude to those who connected with me, human to human, even in the face of the present circumstances. I was grateful to have shared a part of my story with them, as this was the first time that I was afforded the opportunity to share with and be heard by anyone from the City of Arlington about what was really going on from my point of view. Many of the alleged officers admitted they had nothing to do with code enforcement, and were simply just doing as they were told. Even when they disagreed with the activities that were taking place, they did nothing to make it stop. I learned of many of the alleged officers who said they would rather be at home with their families, but who admittedly were just “doing my job” because they needed the paycheck to feed their loved ones. They were choosing to put a gun to the heads of other innocent human beings to “put food on the table”. I pointed out that they were selling their souls and their lives for money, and in fact, were taking part in destroying the very thing that could free them from acting out of integrity and perjuring their Oath of Office. We grow mass amounts of free food, sustainably. We do not need to harm or threaten others, nor hold guns to the heads of our fellow man, to get money to feed our family. The best homegrown, nutritious food on the planet is free, abundant and readily available, all made from free, used and recycled materials, that most people view in their limited perspective as trash. They could lay down their guns and bring their families to eat at our table, as we have way more than enough.

I personally engaged in processing some produce from the garden, making beverages and harvesting seeds. My friends put away the dishes while they sang and danced; the alleged officers on guard with their guns.

My friends had their morning smoothies, played the drums and gathered in support of one another, as the sounds of a mower permeated the air. There were shift changes as some alleged officers left for lunch, while others came into our living space and stood armed watch over us.

Inok came down to the kitchen with her two children who were lovingly engaged.

Ka came into the kitchen to tell me the workers outside were cutting down our plants. I went out on the deck and saw the johnson grass along the west and north sides of the garden being destroyed. This johnson grass was not only a wild, edible, natural, native grass that we harvest and drink in our juices, but also provided shade for our crops. The cutting of this grass not only deprives me and my friends and family of nutritional nourishment, and jeopardizes our fall crop as the shade source is now destroyed, but these the tall grasses were also used for nesting materials for our chickens, for covering the chicken coop floor, used as a nitrogen source for compost and utilized as an earthen building material. The sweet potatoes and sweet potato greens growing around the statue in the garden were also destroyed, as well as approximately 17 blackberry bushes in various stages of growth as well as approximately 14 tomatillo plants along the west edge of the garden and a hedge and about 15 okra plants along the north of the property. Sunflowers, the food for our bees and a crop we use to gift as ornamental bouquets, as well as native, natural, mature and thriving lamb’s quarters (a heavy green staple in our diets) were also recklessly and completely destroyed. Many remnants of the grasses were left lying on the ground, leaving there a dead, dusty, dried pathway more prone to fire than any living, green grasses that previously existed. As is dictated by the City of Arlington’s codes and ordinances, God has made grave mistakes in the growing of tall grasses; they must be eradicated.

Part of the garden was in need of water since the early morning hours, but I was denied for most of the day the right to care for my crops. I was also denied the right to roam my land or witness the trespasses against me. Eventually alleged officer Paschall (unsure of spelling) got clearance for me to irrigate my plants and to check on the chickens and their water. I was escorted to do both of these daily nurturing realities. As I had been denied the opportunity to be anywhere near the unlawful activities being carried out by individuals in the name of the City of Arlington for the majority of the day, I took the opportunity in being outside to take a few pictures of the loading of our belongings into the trailers and witnessed their trucks driving over our hose irrigation lines, damaging them in the process. I witnessed several end caps on the fence were also laying broken in the yard.

I had several other conversations with officers as the materials selectively harvested for the sustainable projects we use to freely teach people from all over the world were blatantly stolen-- loaded and hauled away. I watched as they drove out the gate, which was posted with NO TRESPASSING Texas Penal Code, Section 30.05 - Criminal Trespass and other LAWFUL NOTIFICATION which stated:


This applies to YOU whether or not you are a direct employee of the alleged CITY OF ARLINGTON. ANYONE entering these premises without permission, acting on the orders or any involvement with the CITY OF ARLINGTON is subject to the same terms and conditions as stipulated below:

You have been and are again hereby given lawful notice of your participation in and perpetuation of the slavery system. You have been and are again hereby given notice that you are acting in your individual capacity, and will be held PERSONALLY liable for all your actions, including but not limited to criminal charges for trespassing, theft and violation of my personal rights and all those who are present within these boundaries. Notice has been duly and lawfully given and recorded and filed in the records of the OPPT.

In addition to other criminal charges for your actions against one of The People and the fines imposed in accordance with the Courtesy Notice posted here and which you have already been duly served, my personal fee for entry here is $64,000 (in troy ounce silver) per hour or any portion of hour thereof. Each individual entering will be charged and held accountable in every aspect of this action for your participation in these unlawful acts against The People.



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