Section 21 Paramedic Health and Safety Committee

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The petition is now CLOSED The MOL is creating a Sub-Section 21 Committee for Paramedics All other questions will be addressed through your respective union divisions (CUPE, CACO, OPSEU, SEIU, CAW) and/or PEMS HSAC - Contact: 416.669.4152 Thank you for your support. Rory O\'Neill and Micheael Speers


PEMS HSAC, the Provincial EMS Health and Safety Advisory Committee, is a non-partisan voluntary committee formed from labour co-chairs of Paramedic Joint Health and Safety Committees across Ontario. It is reportedly the first of its kind in North America. PEMS HSAC has participating members from OPSEU, SEIU, CUPE and the CAW. The purpose of PEMS HSAC is discuss, resolve and share EMS Health and Safety information thereby implementing 1) best workplace practices, and 2) ensuring the highest caliber equipment for Paramedic use. This will result in: - reduced EMS injuries - increased career longevity - improved patient care through experience retention - substantial cost savings to paramedic employers, WSIB, insurance firms, taxpayers and the province of Ontario.


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