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Eric Pressley
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I Mr. Eric C. Pressley has had enough, Im a sex offender that didn't do the crime. Im asking the courts to please grant me reduced conviction and dismiss my charge. The conviction happened in 1993 in Williamsburg County,  South Carolina. Im not listed as a predator online and the State didn't have any evidence when this case appeared before a judge.  My attorney advised me to plead guilty to a charge that he could have won, if he had advised me to plead not guilty then the State would have lost. The case never went to trial and the lady in question at the time was older than me and since this time she has approach me to tell me how sorry she is for ruining my life. The young lady dropped the charge and the State picked the case up. I did no jail time, I was giving two years probation and I had to finish the sex offenders counseling course. Even though i'm on the sex offender registry I still held my head high because I wasn't going to let a label of sex offender or people define me. I put myself in college and I have five more week before I can obtain my Associate degree in IT Networking&Computer Security Management. I have two kids that I love and I want to be able to help my kids when they need me. With this conviction on my record I can't hold a job. Please expuge and seal my records so I can get on with my life. A good guy in a bad situation. Sometime life throws you a curve ball but you pick yourself up and keep moving foreward. ( Innocent man dieing in America )  





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