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Jeri Ireland
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7 Signatures Goal: 1,000,000

We, the online shoppers of America, ask that major
retailers add a "Made in USA" filter to their online
search engines. Customers can search online by
size, color, price and a multitude of other criteria.
It's time to search by "Made in USA" as well.

The plan? Collect a million signatures to submit to
major online retailers such as Home Depot, Zappos,, Costco and others, asking them
to add "Made in USA" to their search options.

It's a simple addition that gives us the opportunity to
support American  companies - or, at the very least,
make it easy to comparison shop.

And it just might create some jobs for Americans.
Major retailers, please take the time
to add a search filter to your online stores
so your customers can easily locate
and compare merchandise that is
"Made in USA".


A small business owner - made in the USA!





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