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If you don’t want a SMALL CITY TO REPLACE THE RIVERWALK GOLF COURSE, make your voice heard BY SIGNING THIS PETITION ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 15, 2020…BEFORE the San Diego City Council votes to approve this project!

The Riverwalk developer is taking its plan to build 4,300 (mostly rental-based) residential units, 152,000 sq. ft. of retail/commercial space, and 1,000,000 sq. ft. of office space in San Diego, California, on what is now the Riverwalk Golf Course in the western end of Mission Valley, to the City Council FOR FINAL APPROVAL – AS EARLY AS MID-NOVEMBER, 2020.


1) 10,000+ more resident, customer, visitor, service, transport, waste management, and delivery vehicles will be using Friars Rd every day, resulting in traffic snarls, increased pollution, and toxic gas emissions within the tight confines of a 1-mile stretch of west Mission Valley.

2) With a proposed 12-to-20 year development cycle, west Mission Valley has the potential to become all but unlivable, given that:

  • NO infrastructure improvements have been planned by the City of San Diego to support this massive project;
  • NO new fire station, police station, or even additional police officers are planned for this area;
  • NO new evacuation plans are required to be drawn to handle the safety needs of a MUCH larger area population, being crammed into a known floodplain; and,
  • ONLY ONE new elementary school is planned for this area.

3) With an area resident-count increase of at least 8,000 persons, there is more than a reasonable chance that area electrical usage restrictions and outages, water rationing, homeless population growth, as well as both property and people-oriented crimes will increase.

4) Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that SUPER-DENSITY projects like this proposed RIVERWALK development NEED TO BE SCALED BACK to better protect the people who live in, and near to, such projects.

5) More than 75 letters from the public – including people like you, and law firms as well – were submitted to the City regarding this project. The majority of them want a less-dense alternative to be built, and many others have pointed out NUMEROUS and MAJOR FLAWS in the project’s plan documents that the City reviewers have chosen to discount as being NOT SIGNIFICANT!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the changes to be made by this project as it is now being proposed will radically change the character of life in west Mission Valley – FOREVER!

IF YOU WANT YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD, THEN SIGN THIS PETITION NOT LATER THAN NOVEMBER 14, 2020, PRIOR TO THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING (see more info, below, regarding What Must I Do To Submit My Comment). Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Actual Petition Text (below), a list of the petition-signer names and addresses, and associated petition-signer personal comments, will be sent to all of the San Diego City Council members BEFORE THEY VOTE on this RIVERWALK project!


  • Before finalizing your petition submission, please add a personal comment (but…please use only civil language). Your submission will be given more “value” by the petition recipients when it includes a personal comment.
  • If you wish, in addition to signing this petition, you may also sign-up to speak at the San Diego City Council meeting in November most likely it will be held via Zoom (see additional information about how to do this, at the end of this petition). You will be given limited time to state your objections to this project. Alternatively, if you like, you can simply read the Actual Petition Statement text, below, to the entire City Council (if you want to do this, cut-and-paste the Actual Petition Statement text into a separate document for your later use).
  • NO DONATION IS REQUIRED to sign this petition. If any petition-signer should choose to make a donation, the donated funds will go to the WEBSITE that is hosting/displaying the petition, NOT TO the petition-creator, or to the stated cause of the petition you are signing.

THANK YOU for your support of this very important petition!



"To the San Diego City Council members:

The Riverwalk development project, slated to turn the existing Riverwalk Golf Course into a small-city-sized residential, retail/commercial, and office complex, is simply:

  • too dense for the narrow confines of its location;
  • too massive for the limited infrastructural system upon which it will be thrust; and
  • poses too many safety and health hazards to – as well as being significantly out-of-character with – the existing neighborhoods that surround it.

The City Council should not approve this project as it is currently proposed. Dependent upon revised project specifics, the Riverwalk development at half the size as it is now proposed MIGHT be acceptable, given the geographic, infrastructural, health, and safety limitations of its location.

Riverwalk should be much smaller. I say: LESS DENSE MAKES MORE SENSE! "



As of now, the City Council will be taking up the vote on the Riverwalk project on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, at 10 a.m. However, City meetings can be subject to change -- so, beginning around November 13 or 14, you should go each day to the site at this link (and save it for later),, and look at the most current, upcoming agenda that is posted. When the agenda list has an Agenda Item for the Riverwalk project vote, then this is the meeting at which you will want to state your objections.

On this “Agendas” page are instructions about how to be able to lodge your objection(s) for the public record. You may do this via (a) speaking on the telephone, or (b) submitting a comment via a webform (look for the webform links in the instructions). You should review these instructions a couple of days prior to the meeting because there are various date and time requirements for your written submissions and your request to speak.

!! Be sure to look at the Agenda page in advance so you’ll be ready to participate when the meeting takes place !!

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