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You may have read on Sunday (3rd February) that a number of Conservative Association Chairpeople have handed a petition to 10 Downing Street coming out against the Party's plans to create marriage equality by legislating to allow same sex marriage within places of worship. This is an enabling act only, with the final decision to offer such ceremonies being a matter for the specific church to decide upon. Ruth Davidson MSP, our leader in Scotland, is quoted as saying: "I support the principle of equal marriage, but with the important proviso that religious organisations which do not wish to carry out the ceremony are not compelled to do so." Sir John Major has also rallied to the support of the Prime Minister. This is where YOU come in. Rather than letting this piece of legislation pass us by, this is our opportunity to actively promote our own party's policy and show solidarity with both David Cameron and Ruth Davidson. This is an unilateral effort being made personally to gather support for this positive change and face down the rebels by saying this is an issue mainstream Scottish Tories actively support, rather than an issue we are merely tolerating to abide by the party line. Please demonstrate your support by backing this petition and forwarding the link on to your colleagues within the Party.





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