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We invite you to petition against the decision to release Abdelbeset Al-Megrahi, and call for Mr MacAskill's resignation (New)

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(This petition can be signed by anyone. It is intended for Scots, but we welcome signatures from all nationalities, to show support for our cause, and belief in our people. This petition will be delivered to Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, and to Mr MacAskill) For comments, you can contact the author at scotlandresponds@googlemail.com The petition reads: We, the people of Scotland, strongly disagree with the release of Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi, the man tried and convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. Mr MacAskill's decision to release Mr Megrahi on grounds of compassion was a grave mistake, which has brought shame to the people of Scotland. Mr MacAskill's decision is not supported by the Scottish people, and, contrary to the opinion of Mr MacAskill, is not in line with the values of the Scottish people. Scots believe in the rule of law, and the delivery of justice to those who break it. Mr Al-Megrahi was proven guilty of a heinous crime, the worst terrorist attack on UK soil, and the decision to release him on grounds of compassion is simply not acceptable. Mr Al-Megrahi showed no remorse or compassion for his victims, who he killed in the most terrible and frightening of circumstances. And yet, he served less than 14 days in prison per victim, before being released by "Justice Secretary" MacAskill. That is an embarrassment to the Scottish Criminal Justice system, to the people of Scotland, and to the victim's families. Mr MacAskill's credibility as a servant of Justice has been tarnished and his position is now untenable. If Al-Megrahi is an innocent man, as he repeatedly intimates, then the correct process is for an appeal hearing to be heard, and for the facts to be considered. The release of a convicted terrorist, and mass murderer, should be a matter for a court of Law, not Mr MacAskill. Either Mr Al-Megrahi is innocent, in which case we should hear an appeal, to uncover the truth, or he is guilty, in which case he should still be in jail, in Scotland. If there was ever a case that justified the sentence of capital punishment in Scotland, it is the crime that Mr Al-Megrahi perpetrated against the residents of Lockerbie and the passengers on board flight Pan Am 103. It is unfortunate and regrettable that Mr Al-Megrahi will not be serving his health-related death sentence in Scotland. We call on Mr MacAskill to resign from his post, for a serious error of judgement, which has cast a shadow over Scotland, and its people. The people of Scotland would like to convey our disappointment and anger at Mr MacAskill's decision. We extend our sorrow and sympathy to the families of the victims of this atrocity. This decision was not in our name, Mr MacAskill : (please sign below) Verification passcode : 2535


Scots ashamed of their Government


www.scotlandresponds.com http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/6069329/This-SNP-stunt-has-shamed-my-nation.html
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