Hamilton Lodge Reunion Meeting

Amanda Shearer
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Do we need to change new Chairperson and Treasurer/Secretary We are not happy with their arrangement with our school reunion cos they have set a date for 16th May in Reading Hotel and booked a hall, we noticed its too close date for us all, we have few people have paid tickets cost £ 28 per person, then we found out its only 62 people have paid their tickets, its too few so we ask Chairperson and Secretary to change date to September to give people time, but unfortunately Chairperson and Secretary have refused to give money back in full before deadline, also they dont agree to set a date for September. DONNA WILL PAID THE DEPOSIT ON TUESDAY 5TH MAY IN READING HOTEL Please sign the petitions if u have agree to have a reunion at Brighton for September 2009 also change new Chairperson and new Secretary. Many thanks Amanda Shearer Ex-Committee




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