Scared Straight Education

Marlin Wheeler
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This petition is aimed at trying to make apart of education the scared straight factor. Alot of Parents today are afraid to dicipline their kids for fear of backlash of authorities, fear of their own kids, or both. I'm sure that a lot of people agree that a vast majority of kids today in school have or will committ crimes in school and out. This petition if we can get enough signatures to establish a reality check as a part of education for those who commit the misdemeanors, suspensions from schools as a result of fights, drugs, etc. to have the parents sign over their kids for stay and the local correctional institution. If this can become apart of the education then i think that their can be a change in our kids to try to better themselves as well as appreciate their parents and other things that they take for granted such as freedom, life,etc.





  • 5 years ago
    Marlin Wheeler United States
    5 years ago