SCAA Board Election Voting Results - Demand an Independent Audit

Kerri Goodman
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The SCAA Bylaws require an "Independent" audit and investigation into the voting process and results. However the SCAA leadership selected an auditor, Mr. Pomerleau, a paid professional who reports to / is paid by one of the candidates as well as numerous individuals who were actively campaigning on the side of the same candidate.

Mr. Pomerleau is listed on the CQI website as director of finance, thus reporting to the CQI board. The CQI Board includes Ric Rinehart and Tracy Ging, both supporting Ben Pitts.

ALSO Mr. Pomerleau has submitted the taxes for both CQI and World Coffee Research, thus he reports to both Groups.

Ben Pitts sits on the World Coffee Research Board

Ric Rinehart sits on the World Coffee Research AND CQI board

Shawn Hamilton is the next SCAA President AND sent emails on behalf of Ben Pitts; Mr. Hamilton is also the Treasurer for World Coffee Research

Tracy Ging is a member of all 3 boards AND sent emails on behalf of Ben Pitts

Given this information, Mr. Pomerleau does not qualify as an "independent" auditor.

Thus far the SCAA has denied a request for a 3rd party, mutually agreed upon independent audit.

Please sign this petition to let SCAA Leadership know that its members do care about the future of this association and demand transparency.




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