April Scheffler Texas

Eliminate Valet Trash Collection at Stoneleigh Cypress Pointe

April Scheffler Texas
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Each unit pays $7 a month for trash. With Valet Trash, each unit is forced to pay an ADDITIONAL $25 with no opt-out. A mandatory $32 a month for trash is a bit excessive, especially for apartment dwellers. I know many of us would rather take a few moments of time to take our own trash to the dumpsters on site and put that $25 savings towards cell phone or gas expenses each month.

We've been told that individuals can't opt out because Valet Trash comes through our community and wants to collect trash as quickly as possible, without having to be concerned as to who has paid, who hasn't, etc. So let's eliminate Valet Trash altogether. I haven't come across one resident that loves the service, especially with its price tag. It's caused more problems than it's fixed. We've gotten emails chiding residents on how trash has to be in ONE pile (a bag stacked on top of another), only use the container provided, not to leave out the collection containers after a certain time, etc. and threatening to impose fees/penalties on violators.

If the Valet Trash collector is not careful collecting the bags, the trash bags can rip open and leave a mess. One resident I know has had to scrub the mess left behind on the landing and steps in front of her unit after such an incident. They don't always collect trash, and if they do collect, not always during the hours they say they will.

We're Texans, people. We're self-sufficient; we can take out our own trash and do it better than someone doing it for us. We don't need someone telling us that we need help and then force us to pay premium for that "help."

Say "no thanks" to Valet Trash. We enjoy our Stoneleigh community but Valet Trash has become that one thorn in the side for many residents that is souring the experience. This is one "amenity" we can do without and be the better for it.

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