Stop Blush's Expansion

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The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has spent decades working with public and private interests, as well as managing community investment, to convert a seedy district overpopulated by strip clubs and adult movie theaters into a world-renowned Cultural District showcasing restaurants, theaters, galleries and residential spaces.

Blush is seeking approval to request an expansion to stay competitive among existing and new strip clubs in the city. The zoning code says any expansion of the sort proposed cannot have a negative impact on nearby residents and properties.

Blush is located 500 feet from the Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts where 861 students attend (68% are young women) and located near Urban Pathways Charter School with 350 students from 6-12 grades matriculate (and soon to come online grades K-5).

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial board writes: “Given how much the Cultural District has evolved and improved, it would be a mistake to allow expansion of a business that so obviously recalls the neighborhood’s more sordid past.”

Please join The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in its effort to block this expansion.





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