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Say NO to Z62 Unless Follow Z75 Stips

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Thank you for all of your support! Be ready for the next rezoning...

CASE WITHDRAWN! From the lawyer: "Based upon several factors, the property owner and Windsong hereby withdraw the above-styled case without prejudice". This was dated Feb 18 for BOC meeting Feb 19, 2019.

Please continue to sign to show your support, this is now continued until the February Board of Commissioners Meeting.
In November this was continued until the Dec 18 Board of Commissioners Meeting.

The proposed Z-62 on 5.9 acres of land is currently zoned at R-30. This matches the surrounding neighborhoods, such as Oakleigh, Echo Mill and Amberton.

With neighborhood support from over 1,100 people in 2016, the community negotiated a site plan that kept homes off of Lost Mtn. Rd (single stack not double stack) and a stipulations letter requiring buffers with double staggered rows of plantings (see links below for more details). The developer also stated that there would not be a phase II (Z75 2016). Having homes--single stacked--only on one side of the street nearest Lost Mtn. Rd. and an overall density of 2.08 homes per acre preserves the look and feel of our community. Z62 and OB79 ignores these stipulations and site plan requirements even though this is an expansion of McConnell Green Residential Senior Living (RSL) or the Z75 of 2016.

The community was concerned about setting a precedence that the area all the way up to Dallas Highway would be RSL. We were assured by the Board of Commissioners that every case would be looked at on an individual basis.

Z-62 (Expansion of McConnell Green) December 3 Update: At the November 6 planning commission meeting, one of the planning commissioners, Galt Porter, suggested moving homes off of Lost Mtn Rd. and another planning commissioner motioned that there be 15 homes not 17 and that motion was approved. To work on this again, the community met with the developers’ team. The developer brought a revised site plan that proposed no changes to the number of homes – still 17 even though the Planning Committee voted for 15 homes.

The only change was in the layout of the homes. The developer rearranged the lots, but still has six homes on Lost Mtn Rd. The lots were made wider but have not changed in total number. There was not even a willingness to discuss changes that were recommended (moving homes off of Lost Mtn. Rd.) or passed (reducing the number) by the Planning Committee. Worst of all, it would be very easy to keep on going in a year or two as the end of the cul-de-sac is no longer blocked by homes.

Z62’s and OB 79 do not comply with code: § 134-203.2. RSL nonsupportive residential units item 5 which states that RSLs must be compatible with adjacent residential uses. As you turn onto Lost Mtn Rd and enter the residential area, this will be the first part of the subdivision you will see and 17 homes on 5.9 acres is 2.88 homes per acre and will appear much more dense than the rest of the subdivision.

We want the Board of Commissioners to reject Z-62 until it follows ALL of the stipulations that were agreed to for Z-75 aka Windsong at McConnell Green. After all, it is an expansion of the same subdivision.

  • One row of homes NOT two on the street next to Lost Mtn Rd and
  • No greater density than 2.08 homes per acre of the expansion-- which would allow 12 additional homes thus maintaining the density that was agreed upon in 2016.
  • Say no to z62 until the developer follows the existing zoning.

Therefore, we ask that you sign this petition denying Z-62 and OB79 which would increase the overall density of McConnell Green. Together these two proposals would increase the number of homes (adding 17 on 5.9 acres) from 97 on 46.72 acres to 114 on 52.62 acres resulting in an overall density of 2.17 homes per acre. The density of the 5.9 acres would be 2.88 homes per acre. Since this is an expansion of a 2016 zoning, it should adhere to the existing zoning and stipulations. Increasing this now just establishes a pattern that would likely be replicated along McConnell Rd. in the future.

Also, please email and/or call ALL of the Board of Commissioners as well as attend the BOC meeting Dec. 18 at 9 am. We will request an early head count so you can leave and go to work but still show your support in person. To email the Board of Commissioners, click here and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for their emails and phone numbers: and to see details of these cases and others go to

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