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Say no to Ebay FVF on P & P!

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This is a petition to try and bring to light the amount of users aggravated, annoyed, in disbelief or just plain in shock with Ebay.co.uk proposed Final Value Fee (FVF) on postage and packaging. From September 4th, 2013, Ebay are asking anyone who sells an item, be it a private or a business registered user, to pay a FVF on the total cost that the buyer pays. The total cost is the item sale price plus postage and packaging price. This is a change from the current model of only paying a FVF on the item sale price. This change will impact both buyers and sellers.

If you'd like to read more about the proposed FVF changes, please continue reading. If not, and you'd like to sign, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I'll also be using the blog section of this site from time to time, clickable link, second tab at the top.

Group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/614990138523558/?fref=ts

Two easy examples to highlight what will happen when this change comes into effect.

Both examples will be private sellers using the auction format and selling books in the book category. Item 1 sells for £150 with p & p costing £3. Current FVF model of 10% on only £150. So £15 with a total profit of £135 New model of 10% on the total, £153. FVF will be £15.30, with a total profit of £134.70 Item 2 sells for 99p. Current FVF model of 10% on only the 99p, FVF will be 10p (it gets rounded up) with a profit total of 89p. New model of 10% on £3.99, FVF will be 40p (again, rounded up) with a profit total of 59p. And think if you have to send an item out of the UK. Postage costs are considerably higher and will be fee payable.

So, Ebay are wanting to fee its users for service they do not provide. They want us, the sellers, to give them a % of our profits and then give us nothing in return for this fee. If this change goes ahead both sellers and buyers will loose out. Sellers will have to up their postage prices to compensate for the new fees, and buyers will have to pay higher prices for an item they want.
I haven't made any mention of Paypal (Ebay owned) fees, which includes a fee on the postage, as that will just confuse what this petition is about.
And I, and I hope anyone who signs this petition, am not against paying fees on Ebay. They are providing us the platform to sell goods around the world so the current FVF on item sale price is a very fair fee to have to pay to use this platform. 5,000 signatures is the target here, I think it is very do able. Private Seller news link http://www2.ebay.com/aw/uk/201308.shtml#2013-08-05115342 Business Sellers news link - Where is was first announced, and partly hidden from any private seller. http://sellerupdate.ebay.co.uk/autumn2013/fee-changes


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